Как сбросить визуал студио до заводских настроек
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Как сбросить визуал студио до заводских настроек

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Как сбросить визуал студио до заводских настроек

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I’ve tweaked lots of settings in my installment of Visual Studio. I’ve tried reinstalling, repairing and resetting my settings at the Tools->Import Export Settings Visual Studio 2017 and it still has my settings. An example would be the Dark Theme or the capital letters at the top. I guess that my settings haven’t been completely overwritten and <g gr_545 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="545" Although, I remember that when I reinstalled Visual Studio and opened it for the 1st time it showed the default Visual Studio settings (white theme, no recent files, everything clean) but after 3 to 4 seconds everything went back as I had before reinstalling Visual Studio (dark theme, recent files list full, etc). Is there any way of actually resetting every setting?

This is how I want my Visual Studio installment to be: https://i.imgur.com/nyfdJOK.png

This is how it actually is: https://i.imgur.com/vD2KQC0.png

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Welcome to the MSDN forum.

According to your description, you want to clear the recent project and restore the color theme, right?

After I execute Reset all settings (click Tools ->Import and Export Settings…), the color theme and the recent project was not affected. Based on my understanding, “Reset all settings” is reset all environment settings of the default collection of settings, maybe the color theme and recent project is not included in the default collection of settings. So, it’s not revert.

For the color theme, please manually to change it.

For the recent project, please click Start->Developer Command Prompt for VS-> type “devenv.exe /Resetuserdata”, clear the data of the user.

And, you could install Clear Recent extension, click File -> Recent Projects and Solutions -> Clear all, clear the recent project.

In addition, if you want to report this issue, you could post the feedback in the following link:

Name already in use

visualstudio-docs / docs / ide / reference / resetsettings-devenv-exe.md

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Restores Visual Studio default settings and automatically launches the Visual Studio IDE. This switch optionally resets the settings to a specified settings file ( *.vssettings ).

The default settings come from the profile that was selected when Visual Studio was first launched.

[!TIP] To learn how to reset settings using the integrated development environment (IDE), see Reset settings.

Optional. The full path and name of the .vssettings file to apply to Visual Studio.

Optional. A specifier representing a default collection of settings to restore. Choose one of the default collection specifiers listed in the table.

If no SettingsFile is specified, the IDE opens using the existing settings.

How to fully reset all Visual Studio settings to factory defaults?

I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2022 installed.

This is Community Edition, I am logged in and registered with my Microsoft Account. It is important.

I removed all "Visual Studio*" directories in my "C:\Users*".

After restarting Visual Studio it immediately shows the dialog to log into my Microsoft Account. I log in and then it imports some of my previous settings. For example — my old color theme is applied. The one particular offending setting than doesn’t show in UI is still set.

I’m afraid that uninstalling and reinstalling the program won’t help either.

The setting I want to change is "Enable new Project Properties UI" — it was available in 2022 Preview 1. After upgrading to 2022 Preview 2 it disappeared from the settings dialog and the Project Properties dialog crashes. I’m stuck with broken Preview 2 but I know if I reset the settings it would work. The problem is I don’t know how to reset settings so they would not be recovered from the cloud.

How do I restore the default visual studio code settings?

Visual Studio is an open-source code editor with powerful toolings such as Intellisense, Code Completion, auto-indentation, bracket matching, code highlighting, bracket highlighting, font style, family selection, code refactoring, and many more.

There are also numerous plugins and extensions available that allow us to make numerous changes to settings, making our lives easier.

Please enable JavaScript

There are several methods for restoring the default settings in Visual Studio Code. Let us go over each of them.

Table of Contents

Method 1: Reset VS Code to default using Visual Studio Setting

The steps are as follows:

1 Open Visual Studio
2 Click on the Gear icon located at the bottom left corner next to your Account
3 Click on Settings. fig. Open Setting in Visual Studio Code

4 Click on the file sheet icon �� located at the top right corner. This will open settings.json fig. Settings.json file in VS Code

5 Now, remove everything from there and replace it with <> bracket. fig. Replace everything with

This will reset every user setting made in the visual studio Code.

Method 2: Reset VS Code to default using the «Open Settings (JSON)» command

Using the Open Settings (JSON) command we can reset VS Code settings. The steps are as follows:

1 Open Visual Studio Code
2 Press Ctrl + Shift + P (Mac or Windows) or just press F1 and type «Open Settings( JSON)» and click on it. fig. Opening Settings.json by typing «Open Settings( JSON)» in the search field

3 This will open settings.json
4 Now, remove everything from there and replace it with <> bracket.

Method 3: Reset VS Code to default using File Explorer

In this method, you do not have to open Visual Studio Code. We instead use file explorer.

1 Open Run and type: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Code\User for Windows OS and press Enter

For Mac : $HOME/Library/Application Support/Code/User

For Linux: $HOME/.config/Code/User.

2 Find the settings.json file and open it with notepad or any code editor
3 Remove everything and put <> bracket.
This will reset every user setting made in visual studio code.

If clearing the settings does not resolve your issue, you may also need to uninstall the extensions.

4 Press + R and type : %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions and press Enter

For Linux:

5 Delete everything from there.
This will delete all your extension installed.

Method 4: Reset VS Code for Unix User

To remove all your settings and extension without any prompt message use the below command one by one :

Here, we are removing the vscode-oss folder and config/Code — OSS folder. And ‘

‘ denotes /home/username in Unix System

Method 5: Reset VS Code for a particular key only to default using Settings Search Bar

Sometimes you know exactly what you’re doing and which ‘key’ in the settings is causing the issue. If you know that, you can easily make that key-value the default.

Suppose my settings ‘fontSize‘ is creating the problem and I want to set it to default.

1 Press Ctrl +, and this will open Setting Search Bar then type key there. In my case, I will type fontsize and it will filter out other nonmatching keys and will only show you the font size setting.

2 Now to edit this fontsize setting then click on Gear Icon located at the size and click on Reset Setting and this will reset the particular field only.

This applies only to this key. If you want to apply for another key then follow similar steps.

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